Gothica (Queen of The Dead)

Character: Gothica (Original Character)
The Earth of Everything (Original)
Version: Queen of The Dead
Status: Retired
First used: FUPO 2010 (Portugal)
Making Time: 1 month

About: Also know as Dark Angel, this cosplay has to be one of my favorites for the memories that it brings me. Gothica is my OC and she has been with me ever since I was a little girl (even a long time before I wrote more deeply and detailed about her and this story). It was the first costume I did mostly by myself, so it's special in that way too. It's also the cosplay that made me known among the portuguese cosplay community.

Gothica is the main character of my "book" entitled The Earth of Everything. She has a very strong personality and energy. What she wants, she gets. She can be a bit cold sometimes, but overall she's a good person.

Born in the Land of Sorrow, where she plays the role of the throne's only successor, Gothica has powers of the element energy. When she was only 4 years old, Evan, her father, killed her mother, driven by an incessant need for power. She promised to avenge not only her beloved parent and the kingdom, but also what the man took away from her: a normal and happy life. However, Evan had other plans, wanting his daughter to join him. At the age of 9, Gothica makes a deal with Death; she would help her kill undesired people, while the entity would give her the powers to kill her father, who had made a pact with the Devil. Evan follows and tries not only to capture his daughter, but also kill her throughout the whole story. As the time passes, more friends will join Gothica in her journey, later forming the "Knights of Sorrow". 

Photos by CanadaPoke and Catarina Rodrigues


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