Kakuzu (Sexy no Jutsu)

Character: Kakuzu
Manga | Anime: Naruto
Version: Sexy no Jutsu (Genderbend)
Status: Finished 
First used: Anipop Kyuu-Ti | 2011 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2 months (on and off work)

About: This costume was a huge dream of mine for quite a while. Even though he was one of the least explored members of the Akatsuki, I have always loved Kakuzu and found him a very interesting character. The idea of doing Sexy no Jutsu (genderbend) versions of Naruto characters always seemed appealing to me, so I thought, why not do one of him? When I made this cosplay I was not very confident of myself or of my body, so it was like a leap of faith. This costume holds a very special place in my heart for many reasons, the most important one being the confidence boost that it gave me. It was the very first mature/sexy outfit that I have ever done, and it was the one that set my preference on cosplaying more adult/mature female characters.

Photos by Tiara Pixel (left) and by Me (right)


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