Character: Akai (Original Character)
Fandom: Original Fandom
Version: Default (Dead)
Status: Retired
First used: Denmaku Ryuu | 2010 (Portugal)
Making Time: 1 week (?)

About: Akai was born out of an attempt to create an original Living Dead Doll, since I'm a really big fan of them. LDDs generally have extremely macabre and creepy stories/backgrounds as well as designs, so I tried keeping all of that in mind when I created her. I never planned on getting "attached" to this character (though for me it's always hard not to bond with my originals), but I ended up falling in love with Akai to the point where she became my favourite OC for quite a while. I'd love to explore more of her someday, and maybe even create a bigger background and other costumes.

Born in 1802, Akai made part of a very rich, english aristocratic family. In the night of 11th March 1813, the mansion where she lived was robbed by a group of thieves who had the intention of stealing several valuable objects. Unfortunately for her, she was left alone with only the butlers and maids, since her family was at the opera. 11 people were violently killed, including Akai who was stabbed 7 times in the torso, once in the eye and her mouth was cut open in both sides. One of the thieves, later arrested, said that her brown hair became red when she saw them, and her green eyes became black from the fear. 3 years later the mansion was abandoned. It is said that her spirit still lives there and whoever walks in never comes out.

Photos by CanadaPoke


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