Akane Kurashiki (Ball Gown)

Character: Akane Kurashiki
Game: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Zero Escape)
Version: Ball Gown (Original)
Status: Finished
First used: Winter Masquerade Ball II | 2015 (Portugal)
Making Time: 1 week

About: There is honestly not much to say about this costume. The second edition of our Cosplay Ball was happening in the beginning of 2015, and out of the little options that I had, Akane seemed the best! I wanted something sort of fancy and that fit the environment of 999 (for a future photoshoot), but that also had the sort of "innocence" that Akane carries with her. I ended up with a dress a little bit inspired by Greek-style gowns and in tones of violet/purple, just like her clothes in the game. I'm pretty happy with the outcome (specially since I got super lazy and only finished on the night of the event) as well as with the fact that I managed to make something super comfortable! I can't wait to make a photoshoot with proper makeup, contact lenses and wig styling!

It seems I haven't been able to make a photoshoot for this costume yet.

Maybe soon!


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