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Pakunoda (Auction)

Character: Pakunoda
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Auction (1999)
Status: Finished
First used: Winter Masquerade Ball | 2013 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2-3 days

About: In 2013 the very first portuguese cosplay ball was announced and people wouldn't believe the happiness that it brought to our community! I made this costume specially for that night, not having it in mind for any other reason. It was quite the simple thing to do, specially because there were barely any references of the dress besides a couple shots from the episode in question. This is based on the 1999 version (episode 62), and not on the Hunter x Hunter cards that were released many years later.


Machi (Episode 51 - 2011 Version)

Character: Machi
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Episode 51 (2011)
Status: Finished
First used: Iberanime Lx 2016 (Portugal)
Making Time: 2 months (on and off work)

About: I've had this version of Machi on my list for a very long time, since all we had was a black and white reference of it on the cover of Chapter 92. I knew that I had to make it because of how much symbolism and emotional charge it carries, so even without knowing any detail of it, I still decided to go ahead. All I had to work with was what you can see in the picture, so I tried to keep the same structure while I made up most of the details along the way. Ironically (and sort of funny), as I was nearly finished this version came out in one of the HxH Mobage cards. Even though I missed the target with a lot of parts, I still enjoy how I made it and don't really intend on redoing anything.


Feitan (Younger - 2011)

Character: Feitan
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Younger (2011)
Status: Finished
First used: Anifest 2013 (Portugal)
Making Time: 4 days

About: This was yet another crazy adventure of doing something new just a few days before the convention! Originally, younger Feitan wasn't the first version I wanted to do of him, but the chance came and I just went for it. There's not much to say about the costume itself since it's really simple. I decided to use a chinese pattern for the vest instead of completely black since - supposedly - Feitan is of the equivalent to chinese origin in Hunter x Hunter. At the time I thought it gave an interesting touch to the costume (I still do), but I might redo it sometime and use just black.


Nagisa Hazuki (Splash Free!)

Character: Nagisa Hazuki
Anime: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Version: Spash Free! (ending)
Status: Unfinished
First used: Anifest 2013 (Portugal)
Making Time: -

About: I fell in love the moment I set my eyes on the Splash Free! ending and saw the costumes used by the main characters. Both Egyptian and Arabian designs always catch my interest and after ignoring my urges for years, I just couldn't say no anymore! Out of all the Free! boys, Nagisa and Nitori are the only ones I believe I can actually pull off, so it was an immediate choice as to who I would cosplay! Unfortunately, this costume was super rushed (I stayed up working until 5 or 6 a.m. on the day of the convention) so it's not nearly as finished as I'd like it to be. I decided to keep the main design intact but add lots of detail so it can look more "rich". There's still several things to be added but hopefully I'll have it done by Summer 2016 and make a photoshoot!


Carla Radames

Character: Carla Radames
Game: Resident Evil 6
Version: Ada Wong's doppelganger
Status: Finished
First used: AmadoraBD | 2012 (Portugal)
Making Time: 3 days

About: I'm not necessarily a big fan of Carla (I love Ada, however), but as soon as I saw her outfit, I fell completely in love with it and knew right away this would be a costume I'd enjoy making. Of course, being the way that I am, I decided to make it for a convention... Four days before it was held! It became one of the most thrilling (yet scary) cosplay adventures I've ever had, though it was still a lot of fun. I never managed to get pictures that I liked and when I (finally) had a photoshoot planned for Summer 2015, I found out the dress was too big because I lost around 15kg since I made it. I do enjoy seeing myself as Carla and I would really love wearing this again, so it's on my remake/fix list.


Pakunoda (Sea)

Character: Pakunoda
Manga | Anime: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Sea Card (1st Version)
Status: Retired
First used: Private Photoshoot | 2015
Making Time: 2 weeks (on and off work)

About: If my memory doesn't fail me, I started working on Pakunoda's swimsuit around the time that the card was made public. I've always had this idea of cosplaying everything related to Paku (I absolutely love this woman), and since I was super into making a Summer costume, I decided to go ahead with the project. However, because of life situations I didn't manage to finish it on time in 2014, deciding to postpone it for the following year. Everything ran smoothly the second time around, as I had the great majority of it done. The choice of removing the spider from the design was intentional. Unfortunately the costume was ruined beyond repair after the photoshoot, but I'm happy I still managed to save some memories of it!

(Coming Soon!)


Ion Fortuna (Arabian/Artbook)

Character: Ion Fortuna
Manga | Anime: Trinity Blood
Version: Arabian/Artbook
Status: Finished
First used: Anipop Kyuu-Ti | 2011 (Portugal)
Making Time: ?
Costume by Leonor Grácias Cosplay

About: Normally I don't cosplay characters that I don't know or that I never watched/played the game/anime/series/etc they belong to, but Ion was suggested by my dear friend Leonor who commented that I would look good. After doing a lot of research on the character, I agreed on cosplaying as him and later on make a photoshoot with her as Mirka Fortuna. I commissioned this costume to Leonor because I felt I didn't have the time/skills to do it, and she kindly accepted. She was also the one choosing this version. Unfortunately, the photoshoot ended up not happening (never loosing hope though!), but I still enjoy cosplaying Ion. Over the years I've been upgrading the costume's accessories, and I'm still considering new improvements.